Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming 'around December'

Lightning Returns

Both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 released for PC in quick succession, prompting many to ask whether the trilogy's finale, Lightning Returns, has been abandoned. It's been nearly a year since XIII-2 released for PC afterall, but a spokesperson for Square Enix has assured Twitter followers that it's still coming – and that it's likely to release "around December".

The news comes via producer Yoshinori Kitase (thanks PCGamesN), and is welcome to anyone left hanging. The ports haven't been too crash hot according to our in-house FF tragic Sam Roberts, and the XIII trilogy isn't among the better Final Fantasy moments, but still: no one likes unfinished business.

Lightning Returns received mixed reviews when it released for consoles back in 2013, but it's well worth checking out if you have a passing interest in the series: the time manipulation system is clever, if overly stressful, and there are a few other quirks that are worth savouring as we wait for Final Fantasy XV to be confirmed for PC.

Shaun Prescott

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