Life Is Feudal video shows off enhanced visuals


Life is Feudal: Your Own developer Bitbox has been showing off the enhanced DirectX 11 visuals of its survival game as it prepares to leave Early Access next week. The difference, which you can get a sense of with the above comparison screenshot, is reasonably impressive, making Life Is Feudal look a little bit more like something that might get released today as opposed to, say, 2011.

The footage below takes you through all the basic features of crafting, hunting and combat in Life Is Feudal while showcasing enhancements like fancy foliage and better lighting effects. A batch of comparison screens like the above show off environments that look a touch more realistic—since they're selling the game for £25/$40 at launch in a genre that tends to stick around the $20-$30 mark, I think such an upgrade was important. Life Is Feudal will leave Early Access with a 40% off sale, though.

Last week, Bitbox used the precious Northern fantasy-friendly resource that is Sean Bean to announce the game's November 17th release date (no, they didn't kill him off at the end etc lol). We (almost certainly Chris Livingston, who sampled the game last year) will be reviewing Life Is Feudal in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

Samuel Roberts
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