This Lego inspired DDR5 RAM kit is totally stacked

The Galax Gamer rgb ddr5 memory kit with lego attached to the top on a grey background
(Image credit: Galax, Expreview)

Galax is back with more themed PC components, this time we're looking at a Lego inspired DDR5 RAM kit that puts a whole new meaning to the term '3D stacked memory.' Now that a new generation of super-fast memory is on the way, Galax must have thought it time for a nostalgia trip.

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Expreview reckons we're looking at 4,800MHz, which is in line with some of the top DDR4 kits today. The initial config will come in 16GB pairs, and the lineup is soon to include 8GB and 32GB pairs, as well. There's no note on OC speeds or pricing as yet, but there will be several designs available—a pink or blue blocky look, at the very least. 

The design will allow users to attach genuine Lego parts to the top, with RGB LED goodness shining up through the translucent bricks. They're part of the Galax Gamer series, which also includes designs such as the Lego compatible Galax Gamer RTX 3090. Sadly, like the Galax Gamer RTX 3090, this kit is only likely to be available in China.

That doesn't meant we can't drool over the concept, though. Just think, someone might make a more modern version of that PC case made entirely of Lego (modders, take a hint). 

Crossovers like these are interesting whether or not we can get our hands on them, and hopefully they'll inspire more designers to take on cool Lego projects, such as this classic, working Lego dashboard computer, or this Lego Nvidia GeForce 256.

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