Legendary pro Starcraft 2 team SlayerS disbanding

SlayerS, one of the most storied teams in professional Starcraft 2 , will disband after their Global Starcraft II Team League match against MVP on November 3. Founded by Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan, a Brood War veteran and one of eSports' most acknowledged figures, SlayerS began in late 2010. At least three former members will be switching to League of Legends, while the future of most is still uncertain.

This comes in the wake of BoxeR leaving the team to coach SK Telecom T1, which he also founded, in August. According to the official announcement by team manager Kim "Jessica" Ga Yeon ( Korean version , English translation on TeamLiquid ), players Alicia and Crank have been released. Puzzle, Coca, and Min will be transitioning to professional League of Legends, though it isn't known for whom they will play.

The reasons for disbanding are complex, but according to Jessica they stretch back to the early days of Starcraft II when SlayerS was perceived negatively for being the "richest" sponsored team, did not get along well with league organizers, and was even accused of trying to use their money to poach players from other teams.

"I'm truly thankful to the fans who cheered for us, and I feel terrible that we could not continue together for a long time as we had promised," Jessica said. "However, I plan to continue to help our players find new roads, and our remaining players will do their best at the end. As a team owner and a head coach, I was sometimes reckless and sometimes strict... I only regret that I won't be able to remember the last two years as just good memories.

"Again, I give my most sincere thanks to fans in Korea and around the world who cheered for us."