League of Legends pre-Season 3 patch brings sweeping changes

Riot have released an enormous patch for League of Legends, making big changes to the game in the lead up to Season 3. The update has been designed to tweak a number of areas: new and adjusted items give more flexibility to late game builds; jungling has been rejigged, with scaling difficulty and less gold from mobs; and masteries have been overhauled to reduce the availability of early game resistance stats. The focus, it appears, is to increase the number of strategic options available to each character. Riot have released a video to outline the important bits of the patch, which I've embedded below.

So, 23 new items, tweaked gold distribution and all sorts of other changes. While I'm sure the notoriously calm and level-headed LoL community will react to such a major shift in the meta-game with grace, the developers are keen to note that this will be an iterative process. They'll be incorporating player feedback throughout the pre-season, in preparation for the eventual launch of Season 3.

You can view the full patch list here . I'd add it into the post but it's so big, we'd probably run out of internet.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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