League of Legends gets a new hero, Xerath: The Magus Ascendant

As is tradition with the incredibly popular action RPG, League of Legends has got another new hero. We've previously detailed the balance tweaks that Xerath: The Magus Ascendant is bringing to your game client but now we've got his personal details to share.

First impressions - he's a floaty, long rangey, magey kinda-dude. As mentioned in the Champion Spotlight, Xerath has a heap of artillery-style combos that'll work especially well against sluggish melee characters. His passive converts some of his ability power into armour, making him extra durable against punchers and slicers too. Screenshots incoming...

The Champions Spotlights are a great resource, but wish they'd make some reference to Dominion every now and then. Summoner's Rift will always be the purist's battleground of choice and the skills obviously translate, but the majority of my recent LoL time has been spent playing the snappier, more accessible mode. A few advanced strategy videos, or some commentaries of pro matches would be handy and would make me feel like less of a casual LoL Pariah.

How is your League of Legends time split these days? Are you planning on testing out Xerath any time soon? League of Legends is free to play. Go and sign up if you're still wondering what all the fuss is about.