Layoffs at "overstretched" CCP, World of Darkness team worst hit

Eve Online layoffs

After months of contentious expansion , EVE online developer CCP has conceded that, "We are attempting too many things for a company our size. Developing EVE expansions, Dust 514, and World of Darkness has stretched our resources too thin."

The developer's statement continues, "Rather than allowing this persist, we have made the decision to sharpen our focus. Sadly, this means reducing our staff."

That focus now turns to the EVE, with emphasis on further development of EVE Online and Dust 414, the PS3 shooter set in the EVE universe.

The loser here is World of Darkness, the Vampire: The Masquerade-themed MMO. CCP says it "will continue development with a significantly reduced team." Many of its team members will be redeployed to support Dust 514.

CCP emphasizes that EVE Online is healthy and still bigger than it was last year, although it recently lost some subscribers. It also promises that "World of Darkness" lives on, but that the game's core concepts need more time for development before the game can be fully-resourced.

It's another painful moment in CCP's growth as a company, and raises the stakes for Dust higher than ever.