Kentucky Route Zero Act III is out now

The third act of the celebrated indie adventure game Kentucky Route Zero came out last week, released with little to no warning. We've been wondering when we might see the next stage of this tense, atmospheric story, and as recently as February there was no release date being discussed.

Dropping episodes out of the clear blue sky is developer Cardboard Computer's style: it did the same thing with act 2 last summer. It's possibly not the most customer-friendly strategy, as frustrated forum posts tend to proliferate, and the full five-episode plan will take several years to play out at this pace. On the other hand, surprises are always nice, and each act has been high-quality goodness so far.

If you're among the fans who have been waiting eagerly for the finale, you probably already noticed. If you've been waiting for the next entry to dive in, now's your chance: you can snag the season pass at a discount and binge-play acts 1 through 3 this weekend. If you're the type who rebels against the episodic schedule of games like The Walking Dead and Kentucky Route Zero, preferring to instead wait and play through the entire game at once, you've probably got quite a while to wait.