Ken Levine's fascinating, lengthy BAFTA Q&A is now available to watch online

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If you have an hour-and-a-bit of time spare today, you could do a lot worse than to spend it watching this recently uploaded BAFTA Q&A with Irrational Games' Ken Levine, in which he chats about System Shock 2, BioShock and BioShock Infinite - well, the clue was in the name of the presentation: 'From Shodan, to Big Daddy, to Elizabeth: The Evolution of AI Companions'. It's a fascinating talk, particularly if you're interested in the history of the series and the company, or game stories in general - and something of a tasty main course after the recent bombardment of BioShock Infinite trailers.

Levine talks us through the history of the series in the first part of the hour-plus video - paying particular attention to his approach to narrative and choice - before chatting to journalist Simon Parkin, and eventually taking questions from the audience. It's totally worth a watch, unless you're (understandably) on a BioShock blackout in anticipation of Infinite's imminent March 26th release.

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