It's utter rubbish, but you should play Critical Path now

Critical path

It made it into our list of the 15 worst games of all time, but is it really that bad? The whole game is online now as a choose-your-own adventure style Youtube game, so you can discover for yourself that yes, it really is that bad, but it's also hilarious. Play it below.

The game's set in a mysterious mine full of 80s synth music and men in orange boiler suits who want to kill you. A woman called Kat needs your help, you can do this by clicking 'HELP KAT' at every opportunity. As a hint, try not to click any options that don't involve helping Kat. Clicking on 'DO NOTHING', for example, will likely result in failure. In a similar vein, when Kat screams "help me!", try not to click 'NO'. Other non-Kat-helping options such as 'FLEE', 'LAUGH' or 'TAP DANCE' should also be avoided. You can begin your adventure by clicking on 'START GAME' below, but I recommend watching the intro video first for some top class cheese.

Tom Senior

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