Intel selling $50 codes to unlock parts of your CPU

intel omg

According to Engadget (whose source also provided this image), Intel are selling "upgrade cards" that let you download a code or a piece of software that unlocks unused processing power in your Intel CPU. It's like day one DLC for processor chips. You may now open the envelope marked "Rage!?".

We've actually seen this before though. If you hark back to the very first days of, we put up this review for the Ultra Triton SE . It was part of a magazine feature where we asked manufacturers to come up with their cheapest high-powered rig, and the nifty trick of activating dud CPUs (for free, via 1337 h4x) won them the top spot. Now intel are charging for it - although apparently it's a market test with a low-end CPU. Which... makes it... okay? Probably not. Let us know just what the hell you think of this practice. Would you pay to unlock more wattage for your microwave?