Intel may be about to out-AMD AMD in the budget CPU market

Intel Core i5 13400F CPU in a motherboard socket
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The first rumored specs on Intel's Raptor Lake refresh, aka the new Core 14000-series CPUs, are here, and according to this SWEclocker report (via Videocardz), the big winners this fall are going to be budget gaming desktop builders. 

The Raptor Lake refresh is not considered a new CPU generation but rather an update for the existing Core i9, i7, i5, and i3 13000-series. Based on the leaked information, the most significant and intriguing update will be seen in the Core i5 14440F, which is said to be getting an increased core count.

The Intel Core i5 13400F was already our favorite budget gaming CPU, with 10 cores and 16 threads. Our review praised its gaming performance and competitive price of just under $300. It's a fantastic choice for system builders looking to save cash. 

If the rumor holds true, we can anticipate the arrival of the Core i5 14400F refresh with a substantial increase to 20 threads. Although it will still have six Performance cores, it will now feature eight Efficient cores, doubling the count compared to the i5 13400F.

The remaining CPUs in the 14000-series will also receive modest upgrades. The Core i9 14900K is not expected to have more cores than its predecessor, the Core i9 13900K, but it will boast higher clock speeds. As for the Core i7 14700K, it will see an increase to 20 cores and 28 threads, according to the rumor.

Previously, AMD has employed this strategy of increasing core counts when the competition isn't, and Intel seems to have taken a cue.  We've already seen how AMD is quietly smashing Intel in the mobile chip game with its Zen 4-based 7000-series mobile processors; it's good to see Intel taking a stab at it improving its standing in the budget CPU market.  


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