Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake processor is on sale for $310

Are you tired of waiting for Cannon Lake, or even Coffee Lake to appear on the desktop? One of the most popular options for new builds right now is the Core i7-7700K, a Kaby Lake processor that can be had for $310 on Ebay.

It is being sold by "refurbforless," though despite the moniker, this is for a new retail boxed chip. Ebay is highly promoting this one, as are several deal sites—the auction has racked up a couple thousand hits in the past 24 hours, with more than 5,000 units sold.

You are probably already familiar with the Core i7-7700K, but to recap, it is a quad-core processor clocked at 4.2GHz to 4.5GHz. It supports Hyper Threading, has 8MB of cache, and an unlocked multiplier to help with overclocking. The TDP is rated at 91W.

This is the cheapest we could find for a new, retail boxed Core i7-7700K, at least for an online sale. If you happen to live near a Micro Center, you can waltz in and grab one for even less—just $300. Unfortunately, that is an in-store price only.

You can find the Ebay auction here.

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Paul Lilly

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