Incredible CS:GO clutch sees player spared from death by the bomb

(Image credit: Valve)

We've already seen one miraculous CS:GO play recently, in which a player killed an entire enemy team with an incredible, one-in-a-million shot. Now, the Counter-Strike gods have intervened again, with a player surviving a dramatic 4-v-1 clutch all thanks to the bomb.

As reported by Dot Esports, it all happened in the final moments of a CS:GO match recorded by Reddit user Few_Willingness_3700. His Counter-Terrorist team were winning the match 15 rounds to 14. But the climactic round starts disastrously for the CTs, as all Willingness' teammates are eliminated by the terrorists.

When the clip begins, Willingness is all alone and hunkered down in a corner on B site Inferno. They sit and wait until three of the four terrorists are in close range, unaware of Willingness' hiding place. Unleashing a spray of bullets, Willingness takes down the bomb carrier. But AWP-wielding terrorist Phoenixkay spins around and has Willingness dead to rights. Phoenixkay pulls the trigger and fires, but—and here's where things get wild—the shot is blocked by the bomb as it tumbles off the carrier's back.

Bomb blocked an awp shot to save my 4v1 from r/GlobalOffensive

Willingness wastes no time taking advantage of this, icing both Phoenixkay and a third terrorist stood beside them. Willingness then plucks an AK47 from the ground and hunt down the last remaining player, emerging victorious and seizing victory for the Counter Terrorists 16 rounds to 14. As if all this wasn't remarkable enough, Willingness wins the round with one point of health to spare.

As fellow redditor PsychoMUCH succinctly evaluates "bro used his entire life's luck in one match." But it's also a wonderful demonstration of what makes Counter-Strike such an enduring phenomenon. Weirdly, it reminds me of a similarly remarkable clip from classic immersive sim Deus Ex, where a sprite of a floating piece of paper trips a laser-beat and triggers the security system. Few things are more satisfying than seeing a game's systems firing on all cylinders, and a game to register an interaction like this so precisely is incredibly cool.

All this makes more excited to see how Counter-Strike 2 will iterate on the game's hyper-precise gunplay. We already know it'll have volumetric smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails with realistic fluid simulation. But I want to see how it all translates to more moments like this.