How Warframe has changed since launch

Warframe is now entering its fourth year, finding a comfortable spot amongst the top 20 most played games on Steam for at least the last year. Earning that success has taken a lot of work—Warframe is almost unrecognizable as the game developer Digital Extremes started as a closed beta in 2012. After hundreds of updates, it's one of Steam's biggest free-to-play success stories.

I just started playing Warframe recently, having never seen what it used to be like, while one of our video producers Anthony played it near launch and came back this year to find that everything was not as he'd left it. We sat down to talk about how Warframe has changed since launch, and the best way a new player—or long returning one—can get into this free-to-play space-ninja shooter.

You can also watch our interview with Digital Extremes from this year's PAX East.

Tom Marks
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