How to play de_dust2 in Fortnite

The moment Fortnite Creative was revealed, it was only a matter of hours before someone recreated Counter-Strike's de_dust2. It is something of a rite of passage for any fledgling level editor, and Fortnite has passed the test. 

Reddit user VariousPurple's rendition of the classic map got the greenlight from Epic, granting them a code that allows anyone to load into the level. To try it for yourself, just load up Fortnite's creative mode, head over to a featured map rift and hold the action button to change the code. Pop this number in to load "Dust II" then walk into the rift to teleport there: 1068-0274-9341.

To actually start a match, you'll need to hit escape and head to the island settings, but be sure to give it a quick walkabout before the fever dream begins. Llamas contain guns, chests contain ammo, and no building or harvesting is allowed. If Fortnite's building system has turned you off, this is an easy way to dink around with friends in a casual deathmatch format, just without the legions of adept teens desperate to trap you in a box for their Twitch stream. 

The map itself as faithful as the creative mode is capable of right now. The scale is off, for sure, but most of the sightlines are there, and the scenery evokes the original map well.

It's a good sign for the potential of Fortnite's creative mode. Just last week we saw Stark Tower from the Avengers almost recreated to scale. There's a ton of cool stuff surfacing on the subreddit, so we'll do a best-of soon. The holidays will surely give the most dedicated creators time to hammer out some wild islands, some of which we might see in 'The Block', a new area on Fortnite's battle royale map meant to rotate through Epic's favorite creations.

James Davenport

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