How to: Create Your Own Frontier in Star Trek Online

7. One to beam up

Let's bring the battle inside to help Captain Decker repel the Borg invaders. Create an interior map for the USS PC Gamer—but this time, use a pre-made interior map: Great Bloom. Populate the map by using the pull-down menus to narrow down the type of details (props) that you want to use to give the PC Gamer an assimilated feel. Make sure to test often as you go.

8. Borg bonanza

Pull more “Kill Enemies” events into your storyline, and place those enemies on the new map you've created. Select each encounter (you can click on each “actor” in a squad separately, or you can treat them as a group) and turn on “Wander.” You can tweak the distance they'll move, patrol points and how quickly they move from point to point. Now the Borg are assimilating the ship!

9. He's (almost) dead, Jim

In our story, Commander Lahti's position is being assaulted by Borg drones, and he needs help to mount a defense. Add a “Talk to Contact” dialog to the storyline, and add Commander Lahti to the map. Let's use a “Reach Marker” event to trigger a Borg boarding party to beam in when the player reaches a certain location, setting off another battle.

10. Resistance is futile

To use a “Reach Marker” event, you first need to add it to the storyline and then place it on the map. Add a “Kill Enemies” event, and set the idle animation for the Borg to “Beam in – Borg.” When players round the corner of that hallway, they'll see the Borg beam in suddenly. It's a trap! Have Commander Lahti send the players to the shuttle bay after the fight using a “PopUp Dialog.”

11. Assimilate this!

For our final epic battle, let's have two separate groups of Borg attack our players as they approach the shuttle bay. Add another “Reach Marker” event to the storyline and to the map, and then include a “Kill Enemies” event. Add another encounter to the “Kill enemies” event, set the idle animations to “Beam in – Borg” and place the encounters close to the door to ambush players.

12. Live long and prosper

Add Captain Decker to the map, and add a “Talk to Contact” event. Then it's time to test, test and test some more. Make sure that each task flows into the next, and that you've filled in each of the text boxes, or else you'll end up with NPCs who have nothing to say. If you're able to successfully complete all the objectives, you're done, and you can share your mission for others to play!