Hot damn, Deathloop has so many cool ways to kill people

Colt shoots at two enemies as one is blown back by the bullets.
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Deathloop is a fantastic game. It's the first Arkane adventure I've really clicked with, and Phil found a ton of joy in its excellent invasion system. There's a lot of good things to say about Deathloop, but it really does shine in the many excellent ways you can take down your enemies.

Blackreef is stuffed to the brim with fun trinkets and gadgets that you can use to kill the game's various eternalists and visionaries. From the classic glass bottle distraction to flashy fireworks, each loop allows for the freedom of experimenting with the best ways to annihilate your foes.

My various timelines have been blessed with all the ways players have been having fun causing mass destruction. From the big-brained, carefully laid-out traps to straight-up punting people into the void, it's been awesome seeing how people's brains work. Also, everyone is far better and more clever with the game than I am.

One of my favourites is seeing intricate setups leading to big explosions. As it turns out, you can stick grenades to an awful lot of things like fireworks or even bottles. 

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If brute force is more your thing, nothing is quite so satisfying in Deathloop as its kicking. Off cliffs, out of windows, off a roof—booting enemies in the back and watching them fly has absolutely no right feeling so bloody good. Rich already delved into just what makes foot murder so fun, and how the kick even made its way into the game in the first place.

You can kick people far. I mean, really damn far. Those ragdoll physics… exquisite.

Alternatively,  just Mirror's Edge your way through an entire level by running and ploughing yourself full-speed into anyone who dares even breathe in your direction. This is another one of my favourite methods, mostly because nothing beats watching enemies fold with a single shoulder barge.

colt_i_ran_into_them_at_a_party from r/Deathloop

Sometimes Deathloop just straight-up hands you delightful ways to cause chaos, no setup required. Poking around certain areas at the right time will reward you with some free kills, like these destructive dominoes. The hard work's already been done for you, you just need to push.

did_anyone_else_audibly_laugh_the_first_time_they from r/Deathloop

I genuinely can't remember the last time I had so much fun seeing how different people play one game. Arkane has done a fantastic job of handing the reins to players and giving them a wealth of freedom and creativity to mess shit up however they see fit. Deathloop really embraces the chaos of killing bad guys in cool ways, and I don't think another game will match that kind of energy any time soon.

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