Honor View10 is the ideal gaming phone - beat the 5 most annoying things about gaming on the move

In this age of round-the-clock consumption, it's no longer good enough for mobile gaming to play second string. As PC gamers, we understand the value of ever-evolving tech better than anyone—but this shouldn't be exclusive to our desktops, or consoles. With masses of storage, an AI-Powered Kirin 970 chipset, and a marathon battery life among just some of its most redeeming features, it’s no wonder Honor View10 is the best gaming phone on the market today.

Mobile gaming be a real pain in the backside. Here’s how Honor View10 overcomes the five most annoying things about gaming on the move.

Lag spoils the party 

If you’re on the move, the last thing you wanna do is slow down. Lag is one of the biggest bugbears of mobile gaming, and the only slo-mo I want to see is within replays of my hottest kills or most spectacular goals, points and touchdowns. With this in mind, Honor View 10's AI-powered Kirin 970 chipset has an in-built neural processing unit (NPU) that not only enables offline play based on user behaviour, but also streamlines your phone's power usage. That last part's important, and we'll get to it later.

Gaming phones are too small 

I'm sure there's a game in here somewhere. If I screw up my eyes and tilt my head, I can just about see—oh, to hell with that. Save yourself a miniature migraine with Honor View10’s slimline screen surround, fitted with a lovely non-eye-squinting 18:9, 6-inch fullview display. Now we’re talking, and, most importantly, now we’re seeing. Widescreen without the need for wide pockets? Yes please.

Powerful but pretty ugly  

If you were around in the early noughties, you may have owned a gaming phone. I did. And I can still hear the taunting cries of the playground to this day. Snake 2 just didn’t cut it and while I suffered for my hobby, you needn’t have to, thanks to Honor’s uber-stylish View10. Everything listed above is tied to an uber-stylish, ultra-glossy blue finish, with smooth bevelled side edges which hug its wide screen. Mobile gamers rejoice as we flaunt our phones on buses and planes and trains without shame!

Notifications break immersion 

Nothing breaks game immersion more than having your mother wish you a lovely day and not to forget you're visiting grandma on Sunday. Honor View10's Game Suite combats this by offering three major features: a host of bespoke gaming modes, AI-powered game enhancements, and network acceleration. In doing so, notifications and navigation key access can be tailored to suit you and how much you're willing to be interrupted. You can even lock navigation keys and mute incoming notifications entirely if you so wish. Sorry mom.

My battery is about to run ou… 

The granddaddy of them all. If your phone's off, you can't game—it's as simple as that. With a 3,750mAh battery which comfortably supports over 5.5 hours of gaming—you know, heavy games which require graphic processing—Honor View10 makes running out of juice en route a thing of the past. 

The handset's Smart Power Management mode learns from your behaviour, too. And while we're most interested in gaming, it's worth pointing out that this power supply supports 19 hours of video playback, 160 hours of music playback, 21 hours of 4G browsing or 23 hours of 3G talk*2. We all come up against that boss, level or player we just cannot get passed from time to time. It's nice to know our phone's battery supports other marathon endeavours when we need to take a break.