Homeworld licensing campaign jets over to Kickstarter

Homeworld 2

Back in January, web design studio teamPixel came out of nowhere with a proposition to save the Homeworld franchise from THQ's demise , asking for $50,000 through an IndieGoGo drive to fund a touch and GOG version of Relic's original space RTS and develop a full-fledged Homeworld 3 for the PC. The final tally of $13,675 fell well short of the mark, but teamPixel isn't powering down its efforts just yet, instead moving to Kickstarter for a second round of crowdfunding.

The campaign ends on March 26, when teamPixel hopes to have gathered the full $50,000 it's gunning for. Bonuses for high-value backers include aiding in character and ship design, writing a multi-mission optional storyline, and free copies of the studio's planned releases. TeamPixel also consolidated its previous IndieGoGo stretch goals into a single tier—$100,000—which will update the game's touch version with remastered graphics.

As before, teamPixel claims the donations supplement their "own own private equity, lender, and investor financing" for "an indie studio undertaking which we believe will bring development closer to the gaming community than previous Homeworld productions."

So far, it's only showing off footage from Homeworld mobile, but it says a Homeworld 3 update should come soon. That should hopefully push things along for the campaign—Kickstarter's unwritten rule of showing any kind of in-progress content typically pays off , and a prospective Homeworld 3 is the most likely product eager space commanders want to see from teamPixel. Head over to Kickstarter for more info on the campaign.

Omri Petitte

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