Hey Hawken, you got lipstick on my giant, unstoppable killing machine

To celebrate both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year, the good folk at Hawken developer Adhesive Games have unfurrowed their brows and added a touch of frivolity to their free-to-play mech fighter. The latest content update, dubbed 'Hearts on Fire', brings four new camos and a novelty booster for a limited time. And as you can see, it's all a bit silly.

You can buy all the items right now (they're on sale until 26 Feb, after which they're gone) and cherish them forever, or you can rent them until 19 February. Y'know, to get into the spirit of things. The Valentine camos feature both hearts and lipstick, and they stand out impressively in Hawken's largely brown and grey maps. As an added bonus, you can grab the LESSTHAN-3 skin (that's the one with all the hearts on it) for free until the 19th, as a big old 'thank-you' from the Hawken devs to their community.

Hawken is currently in open-Beta, with a full release planned for 'later this year'. According to the developers there are plenty of changes planned between now and then.