He's done bourbon and NFTs, now it's time for Dr Disrespect: The Album

Herschel Beahm IV, better-known as Dr Disrespect, has announced he's working on an album. During a broadcast the popular streamer, game developer, and NFT-shiller played a new track to his audience, with various caveats about it being "still rough" and "not mastered."

The music side is actually not that bad, though this is because it's a remix of the main theme to Interstellar, which was written by Hans Zimmer, Ryan Rubin and Alex Gibson. The remix is by producer Volkor X and you can hear the unadulterated version here.

Unfortunately after a while Dr Disrespect starts singing along, repeating the line "another way" in a semi-falsetto multiple times. After the track finishes he modestly describes it as "an incredible start." It is worth saying that it all seems to be done with some modicum of humour: after all, the dude's whole schtick is puffing himself up, win or lose, and people love him for it.

This is not as out-there as it may seem: Dr Disrespect has previously released music videos, although as with 2018's Gilette they have tended to involve a synthy club beat over which is overlaid footage of the man shooting things and shouting about how he's the best.

"Champs, I’ve got a busy life," continues Dr Disrespect in the recent stream. "I really do. Between the album, the bourbon, the hundred million gaming studio, my hotshot career and the animation show, I’ve got a lot going on champs, I don't know what else to say." 

The producer, Volkor X, has a considerable track record in heavy synth music, and a penchant for sci-fi metal album covers: which I can respect. So the final product, if indeed it comes to light, will probably sound alright, regardless of what's being burbled over the top.

Dr Disrespect is, whatever one can say about him, never far away from a headline. Most recently he settled his long-running dispute with Twitch, though going by the fact a chess grandmaster subsequently got banned for streaming Dr Disrespect playing chess, it's clear he won't be allowed anywhere near that platform ever again. As he says though, the guy's got other things on his mind: like selling NFT access to his game that doesn't exist yet.

Rich Stanton

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