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Heroes of the Storm has gone cyberpunk

Blizzard may have cancelled Heroes of the Storm's competition circuit and removed the option to buy loot chests with real money, but they are still updating it. The latest update is a cyberpunk-themed spring event, which is currently live. It gives Heroes of the Storm a neon makeover that makes it look like a Shadowrun game, and tells the story of a conflict in the Caldeum Acropolis in the year 2013. Rival gangs the Azure Dragons and Onyx Turtles have combined forces to take down the Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation and their elite CyberOni. 

Honestly, it sounds just like the plot of a new Shadowrun game.

Players can complete quests to unlock a new mount, portraits, sprays, emoji, and skins. They're all very cyber and there's a lot of neon. The Caldeum Complex event runs until April 30.

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