Heroes of the Storm designer invites the community to help design a Deckard Cain character

Deckard Cain of Diablo fame is known primarily for exhorting would-be heroes of the realm to hang out and shoot the breeze during spots of downtime. He's also really old. Whipping a character like that into shape for inclusion in the Heroes of the Storm MOBA is not, as hero designer Nathan LaMusga told Polygon, an easy task. So he's looking for some ideas from the community. 

"He is one of the hardest heroes to think of design,” LaMusga said. “When you really sit down and think about it, he’s a guy who loves to read books. What is he doing? Not to say it’s not possible, but it is one of the harder ones. Maybe he plays Hearthstone or something like that.”   

"I love reading hero pitches on our main Heroes of the Storm forums and on Reddit,” he said. “If you’re a community member reading this right now: Send me your Deckard Cain pitches. Make a Deckard Cain. I’d love to see our community’s pitches on that one.” 

His overture is obviously more community engagement than an official call for pitches, but who knows? If a good idea should come along, Blizzard may well run with it: Heroes of the Storm is a bit light on Diablo, after all, and aside from the Big Red Man himself, Cain is probably the most iconic character in the franchise. He even has his own rap song

Separately, Blizzard rolled out a Heroes of the Storm balance update that makes changes to a number of heroes, including nerfs to Samuro, Malfurion, and Zarya, a slight buff to Murky, and a single, very specific bug fix that corrects an issue "that could cause Tyrael’s Sanctification ability to fail if Zarya cast Expulsion Zone at the same location." The full patch notes are available at battle.net.

Andy Chalk

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