Hearts of Iron 4 first expansion announced

Billed as "the first step in a process that Paradox hopes will tell the story of every nation in the great conflict," Together For Victory marks the first expansion en route to WW2 simulator Hearts of Iron 4. 

Centred around the Commonwealth, the add-on's centrepiece is a set of new National Focus trees focused on Britain and its subjects of the time: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the British Raj in India. 

The expansion boasts a new autonomy system with different levels of dependency and status for said subject nations; while Continuous Nations Focus ideas introduce new bonuses and improvements to your country. Nations can now request a 'Lend-Lease' agreement from allies whenever in need of equipment; and combat has been tweaked. 

The following short doesn't really go into any of that, but is typically grandiose in its delivery:

As is the following blurb, courtesy of the Paradox site

"When the fires of war erupt and your nation is under siege from the greatest war machine the world has ever seen, it is good to know that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters around the world. Together for Victory, the first expansion for Paradox Development Studio’s World War II game Hearts of Iron 4, shines a bright light on the British dominions and colonies that rallied around the flag in England’s darkest hour."

Hearts of Iron 4's Together For Victory expansion is without a release date for now, however is "coming soon to major digital retailers, including the Paradox store." Until then, here's what Rob Zacny had to say about the base game.