Hearthstone's pros' verdict on Journey to Un'Goro and if the game is getting too expensive

The dust is starting to settle on the Hearthstone meta after Journey to Un'Goro launched early last month, and we think it's one of the best Hearthstone expansions yet. There's a huge variety of decks being played, and as NRG player William "Amnesiac" Barton says in the video above, "we're kind of in that romance period where everyone is just really happy playing Hearthstone right now."

But questions about price are starting to loom over the game, which just hit 70 million players. Someone estimated that Un'Goro costs an average of $400 to unlock every card, which is more concerning given Blizzard has said there won't be any of the smaller adventure expansions this year. Popular streamer/caster/pro Brian Kibler even released a great video on the subject of Un'Goro's cost the day after we filmed these interviews at DreamHack Austin.

While at the event this weekend I managed to catch up with eight of Hearthstone's best players, including Reynad, Trump, and many more. Watch the video above to hear their thoughts on Un'Goro and the meta so far, and if they think Hearthstone is getting too expensive.

Tom Marks
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