Hearthstone's Goblins vs Gnomes expansion gets a release date

GvG Release date

Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the final 61 cards from Hearthstone’s first full expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes. Now, they’ve given those of us with debilitating card-slinging addictions the last morsel of info we needed: a release date. Goblins vs Gnomes will go live in the Americas region next Monday, Dec. 8th, and then in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China on Tuesday, Dec. 9th, though there is no word on exactly what time. With it comes over 120 new cards, nerfs to three current cards, and a complete and utter table flip to the metagame.

Of all the cards announced so far, my favorite has to be the Hobgoblin. He's not easy on the eyes, but this 2/3 minion costing 3 Mana has an ability with the potential to get massively out of hand. As an example, imagine comboing it with the Warrior’s Warsong Commander and another new card, the Flying Machine. Playing all three together would give you a 3/6 with windfury and charge, an immediate 6 damage, and two other bodies that need to be removed before they create even more hard to ignore minions. Ouch. Next week is going to be nuts.

GVG Hobgoblin

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