Hearthstone's deck copying update is now live

Update: The update is now live. Check out the full patch notes over at Hearthhead.

Original Story: Blizzard has unveiled two new quality-of-life features coming soon to Hearthstone. First, players will now be able to complete quests when playing against friends. This builds upon the popular Friendly Feud event from last year, when players could complete quests with friends. Blizzard says players reacted very positively to the change, so the company decided to bring the functionality back permanently. 

Hearthstone's quests often encourage you to play decks outside of your comfort zone, and many require a certain number of wins to complete, which is nice for variety but can be frustrating if you're facing other players who are tryharding. It's a nice change that will make the slog of completing those more obscure quests much more manageable. 

Next, Blizzard is introducing an import/export feature that will make it , or download whatever is making the community salty from a netdecking site.  

When you have a full deck, there is now a Copy button under the Hero portrait dropdown that will copy your deck to the clipboard. If you paste the decklist into a text document, it will produce a neatly formatted text list complete with a unique code that can easily be shared in chat or on social media. 

Similarly, if you have a decklist copied on your clipboard, Hearthstone will recognize it when you go to create a new deck and import it using the same functionality as the current deck recipe system, meaning any cards you don't own will appear is insubstantial versions that require replacement. Also, golden cards also now stack with regular cards in decklists. Which, let's be honest, might be the single most exciting thing about this patch.

Blizzard says these new features will arrive in an update sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime, catch up on our recently updated guide to the best legendary cards to craft for the Un'Goro meta.

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