Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament adds jousting

Hearthstone The Grand Tournament Banner

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament's big new feature has just been announced at Gamescom: jousting. Yes, you read that right.

The system introduces a new set of cards with the joust ability. Joust draws a random card from each player's deck. The player that draws the highest value card is rewarded with the joust boost.

Said boost varies. One example gave a card taunt and divine shield, another restored seven health to the hero card. Basically, they're useful, but risky, as you aren't guaranteed to win the draw.

Blizzard hopes this new element will encourage joust-happy players to pack their decks with a broader range of strong cards. And to be fair, when your jousters include the likes of a murloc riding a frog and a walrus on the back of a turtle, it'd be hard not to include at least one of the pointy-stick-wielders in your deck.

Blizzard also announced the addition of rewards for players based on the rank they achieve in the prior month. Highest Rank Bonus, to give it its official name, awards you with up to three gold cards and an amount of dust based on the rank you achieve.

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