Hearthstone celebrates the holidays with a festive album sung entirely by murlocs

As part of The Game Awards tonight, Blizzard released an ad for a Hearthstone-themed gag album called "The Murloc Winter Veil Album," a holiday album sung entirely by murlocs. You can watch the video above to hear some of the fishy tunes for yourself. While the album itself is a joke, the video also includes a very real phone number you can call to "order" it. 

If you have a US phone number you can call 1-855-7-Murloc to hear a brief pre-recorded message of what appears to be a murloc-run call center attempting to take your album order. We've recorded the message and embedded it in the Sound Cloud player below, in case you aren't able call but still want to listen in. 

I particularly like the pun-filled song titles that quickly scroll by, with songs like "Grandma got Board Wiped by a Reindeer," "Ave Valeera," and "Winter Veil Wonderland." Classics, made all the better by the sultry pipes of murlocs. Blizzard might be taking a page out of The Muppets' book, and I'm completely alright with that.

The Winter Veil emotes are also live in the game again, which means plenty of opportunities to grief opponents festively. Hearthstone's new expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, also released today. And after some initial teething problems with the packs (for which affected players will be compensated), things appear to be going smoothly on the NA and—finally—EU servers.

Tom Marks
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