Have a bite of Stephen's Sausage Roll, a game about grilling bangers

Stephen's Sausage Roll

Stephen's Sausage Roll is a puzzle game about grilling sausages. You advance in each area by grilling a number of bangers to perfection, while managing each stage's layout, and other obstacles that make grilling a more complex affair than you may be expecting. If it sounds like a joke game, it's not: in fact, people are relishing it with rapturous praise, including The Witness/Braid developer Jonathan Blow.

I can't speak to that, as I've not played it, but I think it's worth checking out if you like Sokoban-style puzzle games. The Steam page is deliberately light on info, so if you aren't aware of creator Stephen Lavelle's vast and fascinating back-catalogue, you might have chuckled at the title, dismissed the game, and carried on.

Don't do that. Give it another look, starting with this sausagefest of a trailer:

Predictably, the relatively-high-price-for-an-indie-game has resulted in a few angry/bewildered Steam forum comments, but from everything I've gathered, this seems to be a pretty substantial game.

Tom Sykes

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