Hades won't have cross-saves between PC and Switch until after launch

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Supergiant Games' roguelike Hades is leaving Early Access pretty soon, but it won't have cross-save compatibility with the Switch version until later this year. In a tweet, Supergiant explained that the feature was originally promised to be ready at launch but the developer hit some unexpected snags. "Rather than postpone our v1.0 launch plans until the feature is complete, we're going to introduce cross-saves in an update later this year, after Hades v1.0 launches this fall," Supergiant said.

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It makes sense, considering the Venn diagram of players on both PC and Switch who intend to swap between the two is probably super small, but it's worth keeping in mind if you were hoping to buy it on consoles. An increasing number of PC games have added cross-save functionality with Switch and, as a Switch owner, I think it's awesome. I love being able to take Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the go without much hassle.

Hades also seems like the perfect game for it, too. It originally entered Early Access on the Epic Store back in 2018, and is a frantic action roguelike that plays a little like a twin-stick shooter. I first started playing earlier this year and immediately fell in love with it—the graphics are stunning, the story cleverly incorporates the fact that you're constantly dying and starting over, and the combat is challenging as hell. I'm excited to jump back into the full release when it happens (presumably) soon. Hopefully the cross-save feature comes along soon after.

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