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Guns of Icarus Online flies past Kickstarter goal for new expansion

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Airship combat sim Guns of Icarus Online (opens in new tab) should see a new game mode on the horizon now that its recent Kickstarter goal has been reached and surpassed in a crowdfunding effort (opens in new tab) that ended Tuesday. Developer Muse Games received $198,000 from 4,632 backers, exceeding its $100,000 goal for the 60-day pledge period.

The funding is set to be steered toward a Guns of Icarus Online expansion that the developer is calling "Adventure Mode," according to the project's official Kickstarter page. The current version of the game includes a deathmatch-style "Skirmish Mode," and the new content is intended to flesh out the action game's steampunk world and post-apocalyptic mythology. The development team says it is looking to add context to the existing multiplayer-airship gameplay through the construction of political factions and an economic system that will deepen the game world.

The factions, and the geography they control, are meant to spawn missions for the airship crews to complete. For an example of the faction lore that the expansion is based one, look here (opens in new tab) . As a standalone action game, Guns of Icarus Online already offers a unique—and charming—interpretation of a steampunk universe. The game's art direction, with its exotic dirigibles, brass-fitted flak cannons, and boiled-leather costuming, hints at a promising future. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Steam currently has all Guns of Icarus Online content at 50 percent off in a promotion (opens in new tab) ending May 28.