Guild Wars 2 gets a 64-bit beta client

Guild Wars 2 Slide

Public service announcement for players with 64-bit systems that may have experienced memory crashes in Guild Wars 2: the beta release of a new 64-bit client may fix that! Arenanet detail the release in a new forum post with a brief FAQ.

You can download the .exe file from Arenanet here. Drop it in the same folder as your 32-bit Gw2.exe file so you don't have to download the entire game again, and keep the 32-bit .exe around in case the new file has issues.

It doesn't sound like the client will add any significant performance improvements, but Arenanet says "there may be some very slight differences in favor of either client depending on your computer’s configuration." The main benefit is "significantly less 'out of memory' crashes". It is a beta, so there may be teething problems, but it's easy enough to switch back to 32-bit and wait for a patch.

Guild Wars 2 has been busy recently. The base game is now free, and the Heart of Thorns expansion just came out. Find out more about that in our Heart of Thorns review.

This one via Reddit.

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