G.Skill pushes DDR4 RAM frequency to new heights for Kaby Lake

As one of the most active memory makers out there, G.Skill hardly needs coaxing to release new RAM kits. Be that as it may, Intel's desktop Kaby Lake launch provided G.Skill sufficient motivation to announce not just new RAM, but its fastest frequency kits to date.

G.Skill bumped the top-end frequency for its latest high-speed TridentZ line to DDR4-4266MHz for its 16GB kits (8GBx2) and DDR4-4133MHz for its 32GB kits (8GBx4). The memory maker did not have to jack up latencies, either.

"Extremely high frequency memory kits often are achieved at the sacrifice of unsightly CL timings. Not anymore! With a more streamlined and efficient CL19-19-19-39 timing memory kit at 4266MHz, the limits have been increased under the latest 7th Generation Intel Core processors," G.Skill says.

The 32GB kit runs slightly looser with timings set at 19-21-21-41. Of course, most of these specs amount to bragging rights, as higher frequencies and tighter timings often have negligible real world performance benefits. Even so, it's nice to see G.Skill continuing to serve the enthusiast and overclocking markets.

Here is a look at the full lineup of new memory kits for Kaby Lake and the Z270 chipset platform:

  • 3600MHz: 17-19-19-39, 1.35V, available in 16GBx2 and 16GBx4
  • 3866MHz: 18-19-19-39, 1.35V, available in 8GBx2 and 8GBx4
  • 3866MHz: 18-18-18-38, 1.35V, available in 16GBx2
  • 4000MHz: 18-19-19-19, 1.35V, available in 8GBx2 and 8GBx4
  • 4133MHz: 19-19-19-39, 1.35V, available in 8GBx2
  • 4133MHz: 19-21-21-41, 1.35V, available in 8GBx4
  • 4266MHz: 19-19-19-39, 1.40V, available in 8GBx2

G.Skill's TridentZ 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4-4266 memory kits are available now on Newegg in three different color options, each one priced at $230.

Paul Lilly

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