Grim Dawn unveils new Inquisitor class ahead of this week's free update

Grim Dawn's update is due this week, bringing with it Port Valbury—an Aetherial-themed roguelike dungeon filled with new bosses, new lore and "monster infrequents". Developer Crate Entertainment has now revealed 2017 will welcome its seventh mastery: the Inquisitor. 

Specialists in ranged combat, Inquisitors tend toward elemental magic—particularly fire and storm attacks—however are equally adept in close quarters combat, leveraged by their "vast arsenal" of artefacts.  

"Anyone with a penchant for physical altercations will find plenty here to enhance their playstyles," reads an update post on the game's official forum. "Master the placement of runic traps to eradicate any foe daring enough to come near. Bolster your allies with powerful groups buffs and arcane sigils. Overpower your foes with secret words of power. The Inquisitor is a lethal new addition to Grim Dawn’s list of masteries."

Specific offensive spells include the Storm Box of Elgoloth and Flames of Ignaffar —the former allowing Inquisitors to tether themselves to foes with fork lightning; the latter turning their adversaries to ashes. Here's a couple of screens to this end: 

Flames of Ignaffar

Storm Box of Elgoloth

Full information on Grim Dawn's Inquisitor class can be found this way. Its update is due this week.