Great moments in Modern Warfare 2 commentary: "Sandy Ravage is VISIBLY UPSET"

Sandy Ravage

Here's a ridiculous kill streak in Modern Warfare 2 by player Sandy Ravage, commentated with hilarious enthusiasm by El Presador.

A while back I was singing the praises of StarCraft 2 pro-gaming commentators Tasteless and Artosis - their nerdily smart insights and zealous enthusiasm are perfect to make a frantic RTS comprehensible. I think El Presador's thunderously macho bellowing and hilarious improvised lingo is just as perfect for the merciless bloodbath of instakills that is Modern Warfare 2 online.

The next time I'm one-shotted from nowhere, I'm going to be thinking, "You got the beast mad now! Tom Francis is VISIBLY UPSET." Well, now that I see it written down, probably not. Some other highlights:

"Sandy Ravage senses these boys are gonna quit, so he missed on purpose with that predator missile. He knows these soldiers are ill-equipped to deal with a man of his calibre."

"They need to make a patch for this man, because man seriously - how the fuck you gonna combat the uncombatable? Matter of fact, people in the lobby oughta just quit this game. Save their own lives."


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