Google Fiber reneges on free Internet offer in Kansas City

Google Fiber

The lucky residents of Kansas City were the first to be treated to Google's high-speed Fiber service, though being first doesn't necessarily come with special privileges. Just the opposite, Google Fiber has discontinued its free Internet service tier in the introductory city.

When Google Fiber first kicked things off in Kansas City, everyone was obviously excited about the 1Gbps tier for $70 per month (or $130 per month if bundling TV service), but there was also a Basic Internet tier that delivered 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds at no monthly cost. The caveat was a one-time $300 construction fee, which could be broken up into a dozen $25 monthly payments.

That option still exists in Google Fiber locations like Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. It was never offered to Atlanta, and now it's no longer an option for new subscribers in Kansas City. It's anyone's guess as to why because Google isn't commenting on the matter.

Interestingly, Google Fiber did add a new paid option to Kansas City residents. It's called Fiber 100, which like it sounds delivers up to 100Mbps upload and download speeds. The new service tier runs $50 per month with no installation fee when committing to a year of service.

Google Fiber is now offered in four U.S. cities and has plans to expand to at least seven more. Google's also identified 11 other locations where a Fiber roll out might be possible, such as Tampa and Chicago, though there are no definitive plans yet.

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