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How to hold your breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

hold breath breakpoint
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How do you hold your breath in Breakpoint? If your role in your squad is a long-range Sharpshooter, this is an essential thing you need to know. With your breath causing your crosshairs to wobble all over the shop otherwise, you'll struggle to one-shot those evil military contractors without it.

Your team mates aren't exactly going to thank you as your bullet whistles past your target, blowing their cover, and undoing their carefully-laid stealth plans. But, as the assiduous sniper you clearly are by visiting this guide, you're going to take the fight to John Bernthal and his brawny cronies in as prepared a fashion as possible. Here's how to hold breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

How to hold your breath in Breakpoint

After you've decided to specialize in long-range weaponry and got behind the iron sights of an M82, you may struggle to find the keybind to hold your breath. It's not exactly the most intuitive default setting but, if you'd rather not dig into the menus and just get stuck in, you execute 'Breath Control' by holding down the SPACE bar on PC. If you're using a controller hold down left trigger. If that doesn't work for you, you can change your keybind in combat settings.

What might also be causing confusion is that it also takes a moment for the breath-holding mechanic to initiate. That's something you'll need to bear in mind if you need to quickly dispatch a target. You may also find that your protagonist Nomad can't hold his breath for that long. In that case, keep an eye out for the perks in the Sharpshooter class tree to increase it.

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