GeForce Now is shutting down in Russia

Nvidia's GeForce Now library interface
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia's cloud gaming platform, GeForce Now, will cease its operations in Russia on October 1. Starting September 1, Nvidia partner will close registration for new users and discontinue the sale of GeForce Now subscriptions in the country. 

GeForce Now is joining other cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Boosteroid, which have ended streaming services in Russia over the last year.

GeForce Now has operated in Russia through partner company since its launch in 2019. announced in a blog post (spotted by that due to "the current circumstances," it "cannot provide the quality of service" that meets its standards or that its users "expect and deserve."

Nvidia relies upon a network of partners to distribute its cloud gaming service worldwide, such as LG U+ and Softbank, which handle Asian territories, and Abya, which services South America. 

On October 1, will shut down its servers, and subscribers with active subscriptions beyond October 1 will receive a refund. Aside from sanctions resulting from Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, attributes the shutdown to low streaming adoption, noting Google Stadia's demise.

Whatever the reason, GeForce Now joins a growing list of tech services that have ceased operations in Russia. This server shutdown will also impact other countries, including Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, among others. Nvidia has not yet indicated whether it plans to work with a different partner in the region to resume service.


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