Gearbox announces HD remakes of Homeworld 1 and 2

Homeworld 2

You might remember Gearbox buying the Homeworld series back in April, uttering silent space-noises about “making them accessible on today's leading digital platforms”. It turns that's code for 'HD remake', with Gearbox announcing yesterday at the Penny Arcade Expo in Australia that both Homeworld and its sequel (and presumably Homeworld's expansion, Cataclysm) will be given high-definition remakes. Not only that, but the original games will soon be making their way to digital shops too.

Gearbox didn't release any details about the games, so it's not clear whether they'll just be sprucing up the art or if they'll be tinkering about with the games under the bonnet too. Gearbox – and in particular, its Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel – “personally spearheaded the acquisition” of the series for a cool $1.35 million a few months ago, so he's obviously rather fond of Relic's excellent deep-space strategy games. Hopefully that enthusiasm will filter down to the remakes.

While we wait, let's all have a watch of the original Homeworld trailer, which thanks to its clean art style still looks pretty good today.

(Thanks, Polygon !)

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