Content Warning is giving you a chance to actually go viral by sending your best clips to the lost footage project

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 There's nothing quite like risking your own life along with all your friends for a couple of views and maybe even a follow. During my team's many expeditions to the old world, we've figured out a winning formula for views: catchy intro, someone dying on camera, plenty of screaming, and if we have time and the sanity to record an outro alongside one of the monstrosities, then that's an added bonus. 

Usually, these clips go to waste, living out the rest of their lives in an untouched folder. But now, Content Warning's publisher, Landfall, is starting a lost footage project, and it welcomes any player to send over their clips. It links a waiver and application form to fill out in a Twitter post for you to read and sign if you want to. Footage must be unedited, but you can send over exported footage that didn't survive the round (ie, your whole group died trying to get a funny clip of a monster). The clips also don't have to be in English, but "content in languages we don't speak will be harder for us to evaluate (since we won't understand it), but it is still allowed," Landfall points out in a Tweet

If you do end up sending your videos to Landfall, your clips will be scattered into other players' games as discs for them to find and watch. So, who knows, you really could go viral or at least make a couple of people laugh. 

One clip that I would consider sending off sees my group warily making our way through the old world. Between me muttering to myself, saying that I want to go home, and one friend's eternal optimism that everything's going to work out okay, someone in my team gets grabbed by a ceiling star and immediately gets dragged up into the air and hung upside down. 

After my very helpful observation of "it's grabbed you," I get to work trying to pry open the ceiling star's jaws so it'll drop them. My other teammate recorded the entire thing, so I soon found out after watching it back that my heroic efforts didn't look very cool as I jumped up and down with a boom mic, yelling at the monster to let my friend go. 

It may not seem like much, but I was still pretty proud of my effort to save my comrade, even if I did end up leaving him for dead and running away. So, I'm happy to know that someone else now has the chance to appreciate this heroic endeavor as well if they find my disc. 

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