The best community clips from The Finals Season 2

The Finals Season 2 has added plenty of fun new toys to play with for all three classes. For example, Medium players can now use the Dematerializer to delete and replace walls and floors, while the Light class can create portals using the Gateway gadget and Heavies have the Anti Gravity Cube to throw a spanner in the works. There are also new weapons for every class and a brand new 5v5 mode, Power Shift.

Now Season 2 has been underway for a while, there have been plenty of impressive clips posted online, so we've collated some of the best to highlight.

Trapping people in the finals from r/thefinals

The first clip comes from Reddit user Long_Beach09, armed with the Dematerializer. Fleeing from a player hunting them down, they think on their feet and dash underneath a staircase by removing the wall. After a short wait, their pursuer comes round the corner and Long_Beach09 gives 'em the ol' switcheroo, darting out of the staircase and replacing the wall, leaving the foe with no easy way out. Killing your enemies allows them to respawn but trapping them in a dark hole means your team has a player advantage for a good while.

Jumping in and out from r/thefinals

Along the same lines with the Dematerializer comes u/B2KD, but this time there's a kill involved. Loitering on the other side of the wall from where a team are capturing $10,000 to take the lead in the match, this clever player deletes a wall, hops through into the chaos, melees the player grabbing the cash, then escapes through whence they came by the skin of their teeth. Impeccable.

1 minute Masterclass on how to play Heavy from r/thefinals

For something a little different, this clip is a full minute of pure skills. u/hand_wiping shows us exactly how to play as the Heavy, switching between the Lewis Gun and the Mesh Shield with ease to take down seven enemies in quick succession. Seriously, the reload timings and close-quarters Mesh Shield plays to defend teammates on the objective is phenomenal stuff, any Heavy players need to take a leaf out of their book.

Light is the strongest class if you just play it like the ambush class it is from r/thefinals

Next up is u/VoxVixAndAFox who trades the tank-like Heavy for the agile, nimble Light class. The Cloaking Device is by far the most effective Light specialization and this player demonstrates how to use it and the M11 machine pistol perfectly, achieving four kills and a revive in the space of 30 seconds on one rooftop. This includes jumping over an enemy's head when our Light protagonist was caught unawares and still getting the kill, and a super clean jump from a window ledge to a ladder to kill a foe from behind.

Diabolical Movement & Dematerializer Outplays from r/thefinals

Reddit user and content creator SanguineNightsTV has a whole highlight reel of their own showcasing some truly filthy clips, all of which include some unbelievable skill with the Model 1887 shotgun. We won't detail all of them, but almost every clip uses the Dematerializer in some way, and the movement tech on show is just outstanding, with plenty of quick Jump Pad placements to gain airtime and essentially snipe enemies with what is meant to be a short-range weapon.