Forza Motorsport boasts an obscene level of realism

Microsoft's Summer 2022 gaming showcase included the first real gameplay trailer for Turn 10's upcoming racing sim, Forza Motorsport, the eighth mainline entry in the Forza series

Racing sims like Forza have always been on the bleeding edge of photorealism in games, and it's looking like Forza Motorsport will be bringing that and more to the classic series' latest entry.

In what might be the most "E3" quote of all time, one of the game's developers promised a "48 times improvement in the fidelity of our physics simulation." While that claim may have had me reeling at first, Turn 10 studios seems to be backing it up. I was blown away by the team's promise that Forza Motorsport's real-time time of day would affect ambient temperature, which in turn would impact how grippy the tires on your cars are.

The visuals on display are suitably gorgeous as well, with the game bringing real time ray tracing to the series for the first time. The trailer featured the return of Maple Valley, a classic track from the original Forza rendered beautifully with modern techniques. Forza Motorsport is currently scheduled for a release in the Spring of 2023.

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