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How to tame three animals during a single match in Fortnite

fortnite how to tame three wildlife during a single match
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One of the Week 12 Fortnite challenges tasks you with taming wildlife during a single match in Fortnite. Taming animals has been around in the battle royale for a while now—since Season 6 back in 2021, in fact—though we've only recently been able to ride those tamed animals too. 

Riding a wolf or a boar into battle might not be the most conventional way of getting around, but it's certainly helpful for the taming challenge. So if you're ready to find out more, here's how to tame three wildlife during a single match of Fortnite for the Week 12 challenge.

Fortnite: How to tame three wildlife during a single match 

Taming wildlife is pretty simple in Fortnite. Aggressive animals like boars or wolves might try to attack you, but if you can catch them unaware, you just need to get close enough to interact with them and jump on their back. If you're having trouble, try throwing down some food to distract them first—boars like vegetables and wolves like meat.

You'll want to make sure you drop in somewhere where plenty of wildlife is roaming around. No matter how good your taming skills are, they won't do a lot of good if you have to waste half the match searching for a target—or three.

This might seem obvious, but don't head to a built-up area. You're less likely to see a boar or wolf walking down a road than hanging out under trees. It's always worth trying your luck at an animal pen, such as the enclosure at the building east of Shifty Shafts. You can check the Fortnite Interactive map (opens in new tab) to plan your route—just be aware that other players might have the same idea.

Once your first animal is tamed, you can use the additional speed to gallop (trot?) to your next taming target. Once you've grabbed three, you'll complete the weekly challenge. Good job!

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