How to eliminate a player with no ranged weapons in Fortnite

fortnite ranged weapons
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There are a lot of ranged weapons in Fortnite, but one of this week's challenges asks you to put them away in favour of something a little more up close and personal. You must "eliminate a player with no ranged weapons in your inventory and while on foot". Seems simple enough, right?

Not only will you need to get close to your target, but you also can't have the comfort of a ranged weapon to defend yourself anywhere on your person—or, indeed, your inventory. So what should you do? Here's how to eliminate a player without using ranged weapons in Fortnite so you can net yourself a chunk of XP.

How to eliminate a player without a ranged weapon 

If you play a lot of Fortnite, you're probably used to getting most of your kills with some kind of gun, but firearms are out of the question for this particular challenge. The Shockwave Hammer is a pretty solid option here, but that said, nothing is stopping you from damaging a player with a gun and finishing them off with your pickaxe in a pinch.

The Shockwave Hammer is relatively easy to find, but you'll need a bit of luck, too. The trick is to spend some time searching chests and taking capture points, as there's a chance one will drop from these sources. It's also worth noting that the larger chests have a higher chance of containing the hammer.

If you do decide to soften up the enemy with gunfire first, make sure you drop all your ranged weapons from your inventory before eliminating the player with your melee weapon of choice for the kill to count.

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