Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish is real and might be its deadliest weapon yet

(Image credit: Epic Games)
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Have you heard tell of Fortnite's mythic goldfish? It torments fishermen, hoping to simply catch a glimpse of its gilded fins flurry by in the swift waters of the new map let alone catch the beast and change their fortunes forever. You also needed to catch one in the Fortnite Fishing Frenzy competition.

We weren't even sure the mythic goldfish was real, or even existed, until recently. There was no mention of the item from Epic, whose developers likely wanted to preserve the surprise. Thankfully, some intrepid fishers have snagged the creature from the crystalline depths, showing off Fortnite's newest most shameful item to die to. 

What is the mythic goldfish?

The mythic goldfish is currently Fortnite's rarest item and, like other fish, we assume you can find it by fishing long enough. We're not entirely sure what the mathematical odds of getting one are, we just know it's pretty rare. In various Reddit threads, players have reported spending hours and hours in a four-person squad trying to find one with no luck. So yeah, really rare. 

According to early leaks, the mythic goldfish was decked out to deal 90 points of damage, but in practice, it actually deals 200 damage. True aim means getting kissed by this thing will eliminate any player, even with full shields and armor. 

It's the only damage-dealing fish in Fortnite, too. The Small Fry fish gives you 25 health (capping out at 75% health), a Flopper gives you 50 health, and the Slurpfish gives you 50 health or shield. I suppose the difference is that swallowing the golden effigy of a fish would not benefit digestion, so it, a very heavy implement, is better off thrown at unsuspecting players 

Even better, you can just pick up the mythic goldfish after you've thrown it. Play fish tag. Loser dies. Don't miss.

Early Mythic Goldfish sightings

Like we said, no one was even sure if the mythic goldfish was a real thing until someone saw it out in the wild. Hilariously enough, one of the first reported sightings was from the perspective of someone getting absolutely wrecked by one.

But our best look at the mythic goldfish comes from YouTuber iOllek, who shared exactly how powerful a well-aimed goldfish can be.

The mythic goldfish is one of a couple mythic items Epic Games has tossed into Fortnite to shake things up, but the goldfish is probably the best implementation of an overpowered weapon yet. It's extremely rare, so it won't upset the meta and it still takes true aim to even benefit from. And, I mean, just look at that dumb face. How could you be mad at that? 

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