Fortnite confirmed for China, with $15m esports investment

Following some fairly blatant hints last week, it's now confirmed that Fortnite will launch in China soon – though how soon is still anyone's guess. The publisher is Tencent, of course, and alongside bringing the game to Chinese audiences, the company will also pour a $15 million investment into esports both in China and internationally.

A spokesperson for Tencent made the announcement today at a conference. According to DoNews, unique in-game items are being offered to those who pre-order, while Chinese players with progress on servers based abroad will be able to transfer their data to the domestic infrastructure.

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Tencent currently owns 40 percent of Epic Games, and rather ironically, is also the Chinese publisher of the mobile version of PUBG. 

While Fortnite quickly eclipsed it's closest rival PUBG in the west, that doesn't guarantee a similar result in China. For some in-depth analysis of its prospects in that country, check out Luke Winkie's report from last week. A release date has yet to be announced for Fortnite in China.

Shaun Prescott

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