Former SimCity artist is modding buildings into Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines mod

We keep suckling on Cities: Skylines news teat, because a) it's good, b) it's doing well—having just broken the 500k sales mark—and c) it has mod support, and so has a community that's consistently pumping out great stuff.

For instance, right now on the Steam Workshop you can find a couple of buildings from Bryan Shannon—a former Maxis employee who worked on both SimCity and its expansion, Cities of Tomorrow.

Whatever you think of SimCity—and I know what you think, I have read the internet—it was a beautiful looking game. That's reflected in Shannon's buildings, which fit nicely into Skylines' aesthetic while experimenting with its look.

"Overall, this coal power plant is a deviation from the original style," writes Shannon of his coal power plant. "This asset introduces a nice dirty brown brick in to the game's overall neutral palette."

You can see Shannon's Skylines buildings here, and see the work he did for SimCity over at his blog.

Update: Shannon is now on Patreon, taking pledges to fund his work inside of Cities: Skylines.

Phil Savage

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