Former Arkane bosses reveal their new game, an action-RPG called Weird West

In November, former Arkane creative director Raphael Colantonio and former Arkane executive producer Julien Roby announced that they'd rejoined forces to found a new indie developer called WolfEye Studios, whose first game would be revealed at The Game Awards. Tonight, as promised, it happened.

Weird West has a distinct Grim Dawn visual vibe to it, but sounds more narratively focused: Players will experience the origin stories of a group of "atypical heroes, written into legend by the decisions you make in an unforgiving land." 

Each game will follow a unique path based on player decisions: "Everything counts and the world reacts to the choices you make. Form a posse or venture forth alone into an otherworldly confines of the Weird West and make each legend your own."

I'm excited for this one: I've been a fan of literally everything Arkane has ever done, so the prospect of Colantonio and Roby getting back together for something new immediately grabbed my attention. Oh, and Chris Avellone is working on it too. What a surprise, right?

Andy Chalk

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